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Jiangsu tuming intelligent technology co.LTD,Predecessor shanghai tuming optical instruments co.LTD.It is a research and development, production and sales of various industrial optical detection and analysis instruments and equipment based on micro-optics, micro-vision, digital imaging, automated measurement and non-standard intelligent detection.The company has an outstanding marketing team and technical service team to provide customers with good products and superb technical services, tailor-made intelligent optical inspection solutions.

Tuming  company adheres to the rigorous work attitude and pragmatic spirit of the older generation of optical industry engineers, actively innovates, and cooperates with relevant personnel in the international optical industry to jointly develop and develop new products,the optical path design of optical instruments is more scientific and more reasonable.The appearance of the instrument is concise and clear, adapting to the aesthetic needs of modern society and the trend of the international optical industry.

Main products

Video microscope: HD measurement video microscope, HD inspection video microscope video - body machine, auto focus video microscope large video detection video microscope, 3D inspection microscope;

Metallographic microscope: Material Analysis Microscopy Section Analysis Microscope Semiconductor Inspection Microscope LCD Conductive Particle Inspection Microscope, LED Inspection Microscope, Coating Inspection Microscope, Depth Detection Microscope, Porosity Inspection Microscope Cleanliness Detection Microscope, Wire Harness Terminal Inspection Microscope Super Depth of Field 3D Microscope, Infrared Microscope, UV Microscope, bright field microscope, dark field microscope, polarized light microscope, differential interference microscope, blue microscope Olympus microscope;

Stereomicroscope: Ring light body microscope, coaxial light body microscope. Up and down light source stereo microscope oblique light source stereo microscope, cold light source stereo microscope, universal bracket stereo microscope;

Measuring microscope, microscope accessories, metallographic sample preparation equipment and non-standard intelligent detection equipment.

Products mainly serve the research and development of various electronic industries, communication electronics, IC chip manufacturing, LCD display technology, semiconductor packaging and testing, mobile phones and touch screens, semiconductor integrated circuits, LCD panels, solar photovoltaics, flexible circuit boards, etc. Electronic components and components, as well as optical and materials related emerging manufacturing industries, automotive parts R & D and manufacturing, new energy and new materials research and analysis, education and teaching.

The company has consistently followed the "professional, conscientious, innovative" policy and the "prevention of pollution, strict compliance with regulations, sustainable development" environmental policy, and dedication to provide domestic and foreign customers with beautiful products, excellent performance, reasonable price, customer satisfaction.The company wins the trust of the market with good, stable and reliable products and wins recognition from all walks of life.

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